Posted by Dr. Nicholas Kraetzer on 2nd Feb 2015

Pet Life

At last, there is a formula approved by nature and backed by science to help your pets maintain an overall health experience. Increase vitality, longevity and youthful vigor while eliminating harmful parasites, toxins, chemicals, pathogens, and fungus. VIP is designed and manufactured by Vital Infusion Labs to be safe and gentle, but rough on the causes of disharmony within your pet’s internal environment.

There are two components to VIP’s effectiveness. The first part is the breakdown of a fungus that weakens the spinal column and the musculo-skeletal system. The second is the gentle elimination of certain worms and parasites found within the pecking order. The reaction of these two components causes a flushing of heavy metals, toxic chemicals, and other organisms from your pet.

VIP is easy to use. Just mix the concentrated solutions into a mixing bottle. Now pour VIP into your pet’s empty water dish. During the process, try to make VIP your pet’s only water source for eight days. If desired give your pet a booster every six months for added benefit.

At Vital Infusion Labs, we strive toward natural wellness to achieve an optimal, more invigorating life. Our formulations honor the life enhancing properties found in the purity of nature’s elements.