Posted by Dr. Nicholas Kraetzer on 2nd Feb 2015

Healthy Solutions

Vital Chiropractic Group exclusively distributes Vital Infusion Labs products from its Orange County, California office. These products were created by Dr. Nicholas Kraetzer, D.C. a researcher specializing in biochemistry and vibrational medicine with a twenty year development history. These formulations are solutions that enhance health, well-being, and wellness in people and pets.

The people formulation is known as the "Nova Vitae - Whole Body Cleanse" . It consists of a 30 day program that is designed to battle parasites, worms, bacteria, viruses, and fungus while neutralizing toxic chemicals. Throughout the process, heavy metals and other pathogens flush gently from the body. Nutrition assimilation and oxygen utilization increase as a result. Each stage drives deeper into the system making its way to the body’s core. These formulations upset a relay system and supply chain for pathogens and toxins. The internal environment where parasites, worms, and other organisms thrive becomes increasingly unfavorable for them.

Each stage of the "Nova Vitae - Whole Body Cleanse" corresponds to a diseased level in the body. There are multitudes of remedies or components combined with computer generated antidotes in each stage. These multitudes create a healthy overlay blueprint to fuse upon an unhealthy blueprint. This process initiates a healing sequence to occur within that working level. A positive restoration of the body’s electrical fields will now begin. The end result of this program is immune system independence with a healthier life and focus on happiness, beauty, and longevity.

The pet formulation is known as Vital Infusion Pets or VIP. It is a single stage program that promotes health by eliminating certain inhabitants of the parasitic and worm pecking order within your pet. Fungus, bacteria, and viruses are decimated while other organisms, chemicals, and toxins are thus gently released through natural elimination.

We recommend using this product with young pets at intervals throughout their development, but can definitely be utilized on all ages plus seniors with failing health. VIP will keep your pets feeling healthy, and happy while increasing longevity. VIP is designed to be a gentle detoxifier on pets but tough on elements that disrupt harmony and balance.

At Vital Infusion Labs, we strive toward natural wellness as a way to achieve a brighter, more invigorating life. Our formulations honor the life-enhancing properties found in the purity of nature’s elements.

“If you are serious about quality of life. We are here. Bringing your body back to balance. We can help.”